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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Upper Coquitlam River Trail

The FWDW ladies are at it again! This time on the Upper Coquitlam River Trail - 6K round trip dodging mountain bikers most of the way. Our reward was a beautiful water fall at the end of the trail.

We made our way back as it was getting dark - singing most of the way to keep the bears away. Once again Roxy and Ruby proved their worth by being excellent bear repellent, while Jacqueline proved hers by saving the dogs from falling into the black hole in the bottom of the creek with no concern for her own safety! As a thank you, Ruby and Roxy covered her in muddy footprints and thus have marked her as their territory forever more.

Another successful hike which was tons of fun! Stay tuned for more adventures from FWDW...

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